Merantau Pertama Kali

This is my second day in Wageningen, The Netherlands. It’s 0:08 AM and I can’t sleep because I was falling into a deep thought about my parents. I miss them so much. I can not handle the truth that I won’t be able to see them for one year ahead. I was thinking of how many time I took for granted when I was still live with them;

I was not a good enough daughter, I didn’t really listen to their advice, I often couldn’t control my emotion and be bitter to them. In the other hand they are always there for me. They don’t always give me what I want but I know they always want the best for me. I feel like crying with the background music “I wanna hold your haaaaaand”.

But I know I have to be strong. I am here for a mission. I don’t go far away from a comfortable life only to survive.

I promise I will be a sholihah daughter so that I can be your amal jariah. I will give my all here to pursue my dream… I will be healthy, I will be confident, I will inspire.

My mom wanted me to write a blog. So, this blog is for my mom.

I love you.


One thought on “Merantau Pertama Kali

  1. heh ini post pertama lo? segini aja postingannya? gue udah katam baca blog lo. post lagi dong konten yang agak lebih personal. I am so emotional disini ga tau knp, kayaknya gara2 ga dpt summer setahun.


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