Maastricht, Hermione and a Big Nerd Me

Yesterday I visited Maastricht with my husband. It was very far away from Wageningen (almost 3 hours) but the trip was worth it.


We stopped by Nijmegen because I wanted to go to Primark first and there is no Primark in Maastricht. I normally don’t like shopping but I find it relaxing just to wander around Primark. If you are a fan of something in “pop culture”, you could always find something cute, interesting, that makes you go “awwww” such as Disney stuff, Harry Potter, and even The Kardashian make up dupe.

There was nothing much to see in Nijmegen so we continued our journey to Maastricht. Our trip was a bit delayed because I thought I lost my wallet when in fact I left my wallet on station’s toilet, FYI you have to pay 0.7 euro (Rp. 11.000) to use the toilet.

In de trein

We went to the city centre and just kind of follow where the crowd were going. Maastricht is an old town so it was pretty, and just exactly what I always imagined Europe was.

In the bridge between the station and the city centre
Kibelling and cumi, famous street food in the Netherlands
The city hall


Waffle in a candy store

We found an amazing bookstore. It was probably the finest bookstore I’ve ever visited. It was probably a church before. A lot of church have been converted to another function such as a museum, bookstore, and even mosque.


Is it Hogwarts?
Related image
A cafe in the corner
Let me chill for a moment
They also have many books in English, yay

I bought Harry Potter book because the vibe made me felt like I was in Hogwarts. Ah, It reminds me of how the book creates the person I am today. I was so crazy about Harry Potter. Everytime I met a new person I’d ask them if they like Harry Potter. I was so inspired by Hermione. She made me think that being a nerd is cool because I used to be ashamed that I actually liked to study. I liked filling up exercise page for fun. I liked to read buku paket (especially IPA, History and English) but I always hated it when my classmates made fun of it; “Ih Adzkia, kerajinan banget!” , “If I were as diligent as you I would get the first rank in class,”.

Sometimes I felt like I have no life. The cool girls are those who go to Mall, Movies, pacaran or nongkrong after bimbel everyday. That was actually not cool at all when I think of it now.  I became lazy and I never listened to the teacher in class. All I did was drawing something and made things up in my head. I was trapped in my own opinion about how my life sucked.

But then Hermione came to my life. She was brave and confident. She studied just because she wanted it. She raised hand whenever the teacher asked. She is a big help for Harry.

I wanted to be like her. So, I studied and mind my own business. I didn’t really care about other’s opinion. I just did what I liked to do.

Having read the whole series of  HP also ignited my soul to start writing. I still liked to make stories in my head but I expressed it in my writing. When I showed it to my friends they were laughing, amused, and they said they liked it. Then I started to send my writing to newspaper, magazine, and competition. It became my hobbies and I loved it. I stopped caring about being trendy or whatever. I became cool in my own way. People might still think I had no life but it didn’t matter to me anymore. I had my real friends, the fellow nerds. We went to book store, a weird section in a mall, swimming pool, pengajian.

I hope after I read HP for the second time, can push me to write again. Especially now that I have to write my internship report.

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