Zaansche Schaan

Last weekend I and my husband visited Amsterdam for seeing Tulips Field, Lezing Andalus, and going to Zaanse Schaan. We had to go extra early in the morning to fit all of those schedules in one day. We left at around 7 AM.

We are so excited to see tulips

We had to transfer 4 times to reach the tulips field in Hillegom: Bus to Ede station-Train to Amsterdam-Train to Haarlem-Sprinter to Hillegom. It was 2 hours journey. When we arrived, we were so disappointed that the tulips had not bloom yet. It was all green…

It should have looked like this…

We then decided to go to Haarlem instead.

There was nothing special about the city but we found a library in the train station. So cute.

We then went to Amsterdam to attend lezing andalus. The event was only two hours, so after we sholat we went to Zaanse Schaan by the sprinter. Zaanse Schaan is a fisherman village but of course it’s not the real one. They painted all the houses and windmills to look instagramable. It was crazy crowded when we were there because it was the easter holiday. It was like lebaran in Indonesia where everyone gathers with their family and stuff.




Bye Zaanse Schaan


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