There is a trend lately to replace the word sorry with thanks and I’ve been noticing people using it a lot. This is the kind of meme I was talking about.

When I first saw this I thought “what a briliant idea!” It said that when you say less sorry, you change your mindset about yourself and when you say thank you, people will feel more valued or appreciated. But it felt wrong when applied in a real life situation especially this one:

No way. If someone cost me my time and my emotion. I would rather them to own up their mistake and apologize. It shows that you care about me. When people just say “thank you for waiting”, I would probably say “you are welcome” sarcasticly, but deep down, I would still feel pissed and I would be like “yes, you are welcome. You are lucky I’m a good person. And thanks for showing me the kind of person you really are. Next time I would not invest my time in you anymore bye.”

I think saying sorry is very powerful. Once, I went to Apple store to get my keyboard repaired and I learnt an important lesson there. I waited for 15 minutes and I complained to one of the employee. I said that I had waited for too long. She them explained the situation and when I kind of argued with her, she kept on saying “my apologies, there is nothing I can do”. And it’s weird that I felt “peaceful” after that. I mean it’s not her fault that there are only one macbook technician present on that day, but she still said sorry because she knew it gave me an inconvenience and she couldn’t help me. That is a smart girl right there. With a big humility. Having a clear mind and no hard feeling, I decided to just being productive and worked on my assignment. I didn’t realize that I ended up waiting for another 30 minutes but I was fine with that.

However, I still think that in some cases, we

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