Lipstick is my favorite make up item. It gives me a lot of motivation in the morning. It pulls your whole face together. It makes you look healthy and poppin in some ways.

I think I started to wear lipstick after I got married because my husband likes the way I look with it. Also, in my wedding I had this really nice creamy peachy lip color on and I thought it would be fun and fresh to wear it again later.

My sister papao is a beauty addict so she was the one who introduced to the world of lipstick. And she introduced me to lip tint. Btw w tiba2 mood ngomong pake bahasa indonesia jadi lanjut pake bahasa Indonesia aja ya.

Eh sebenernya w udah suka beli lipstik sejak sebelum nikah tapi baru berani make di luar rumah pas abis nikah soalnya di diri gw ada perasaan tenang tersendiri karena gw dandan bukan buat tabaruj atau cari perhatian tapi biar presentable aja. Setelah nikah, suami w membantu ngasih masukan juga, jadi lipstik yang w pake emang cocok dan wearable.

Ini dia lipstik yang paling sering dipake.

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