How to take criticism without feeling offended

I just realised that people in general take a lot of offense on things that were not made to attack them or their humanity/personality. Sometimes criticisms are only for your actions and for your decisions, not your entirety.

Maybe things would be less offensive if we started taking ourselves out of the equation, acknowledging that we have errors in judgment and that there should be accountability for all our actions.

BUT it is important to understand that while we should be accountable and face consequences, Let’s not make our actions define our identities. Being accountable for our actions is admitting to doing them and if we are criticised, then we should be learning from the criticism, not turning it out to be wrongdoing against usor a way to silence our energies.

The negative energies that are thrown upon us can always be converted or avoided if need be, but our egos act like reflective shields that will strike back with just as much negativity that we receive and that doesn’t end the cycle of exhausting toxicity.

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