Luck and Rizq

Am I lucky?

Having lived adventorously after twenty

While managed to keep a complete limb

As a clumsy person I am

It is not a magic charm

So, I believe I am


We all have that

But boy, please don’t brag it

You will just make others think

You dont deserve it

Because others might fight their way

“Can you at least pretend?

That you are here through the hard way?

The same way as we do?”

They asked

Because it hurts to see you

You, it is not your fault that you are lucky

And I, Do I have a right to be jealous?


Allah created us with our rizq attached to us

Mine is mine and yours is yours

I have the right to be jealous

But it will not do any good to me

In fact, I pity myself so much

Life is not high school

You dont compete to get the highest grade…

Highest paying job

Life is about giving a value society

Life is about treasuring your loved ones

Life is about creating your story

Life is about finding a meaning in life itself

Allah has given you your rizq

Cherish it

Live your life

Go conquer

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